A downloadable game for Windows

This is our entry for Game Zanga 6 with the theme of Illusion.

the game requires extreme focus on mainly two tasks:

1- keep track of the real Ninja from all the Illusions

2- avoid getting hit by any of the Illusions .

be warned things tend to get complicated very fast, have fun :)

اضغط على الرابط لعرض فيديو للعبة :)

Video Of Game(Click here)

Team Memebers:

1- Raed Tabani : Unity Game Developer

2- Malek Al Husseini :Level Editor

3- Mousa Raed : sound Editor

Resources and credits:

1- Unity asset Store : 2D cartoon forest by Kvazi

2- Unity asset Store: Sprite Pack #1 by G.E TeamDev

3- Ninja Sprite from Moosader by Rachel Morris


4- All Audio sources are available and from FreeSound.org

Install instructions

for Windows 86 install NinjaIllusion86

for windows 64 install NinjaIllusion64


NinjaIllusion86.rar 12 MB
NinjaIllusion64.rar 13 MB


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